But it isnt just any old humor that women find attractive. Any guy can memorize a joke. Accordingly, in a study of the pickup lines men use on women, psychologists Christopher Bale and Rory Morrison distinguish wit (spontaneous jokes that fit the context exactly, are genuinely funny, and require intelligence) from mere humor (the pre-planned jokes and one-liners which do not demonstrate intelligence). Anthropologist Gil Greengross, who studies humor and laughter from an evolutionary perspective, suggests that even a guy whos lame at humor should at least take a run at being funny: The risk of not even trying to make women laugh may result in losing a mating opportunity. I disagree though only in part. If youre unfunny, trying to force the funny is like bragging, Hey! Im low in social intelligence! However, you shouldnt let being unfunny stop you from hitting on a woman. What you can do is be spontaneously and courageously genuine. Just put yourself out there and say hello to her and acknowledge and even laugh at any awkwardness on your part. This isnt to say you should give up entirely on using pre-printed notes. Save them for special occasions those when your message to a woman is something like Stay calm and put all the money in the bag. Meet Joe Blacklist My girlfriends father is a famous actor, and Im on my way up. I worry that if things go wrong in our relationship, he could put a big kibosh on my career.

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